Too often, entrepreneurs are killing themselves trying to do everything, all at the same time, always being on and never feeling like they can slow down.

You are probably spending too much time:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list, not knowing where to start and wasting time procrastinating.

  • Putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed and feeling like you’re falling short

  • Feeling constantly busy without feeling you’re getting anything done

...all while trying to have a life around the edges,

And what I end up seeing time and time again is way too many entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, burning out, and underachieving in their business.

Then they feel like failures. And eventually they decide to throw in the towel, because maybe this whole business thing just isn’t going to work.




I work with founders, freelancers and solopreneurs just like you who are tired of being tired.

Maybe you have:

  • tried every project management tool out there but still can’t get through your to-do list

  • read about the importance of healthy habits but haven’t stuck to any of them

  • wanted to slow down and work fewer hours without seeing your business slow down

I’ve been there too.

I thought that if I just worked harder and pushed myself more, everything would be okay and that I would achieve the success I wanted in my business. To the outside world, it looked like everything was great but inside I felt overwhelmed, anxious and like I was never good enough.

I know how scary it can feel to take your foot off the pedal - how you think that if you slow down or stop, you’ll never get going again. But let me tell you a secret...that’s just not how it works! I was struggling through every day and everything felt hard until I discovered a new approach which has changed everything for me and is working for people just like you.



It’s starting with the RIGHT foundations.

Human beings are not machines. We’re not designed to operate at high speeds, continuously, for long periods. We have natural rhythms that influence our energy throughout the day and throughout the year. By having a balance of activities - mental, physical, creative, social and spiritual - as well as time for reflection and rest, we can look after our bodies, our minds, our environments, and our souls, and cultivate the sense of purpose and autonomy we need to thrive.

When we tune into our natural rhythms and work with our energy, rather than managing our time, we can work smarter not harder. We are more productive and creative and create more space for the things that are important to us.

What are those foundational steps?

  • Understanding and working with your body’s energy rhythms

  • Having a clear, compelling mission statement for your life so you can live your vision and values

  • Building small, daily habits that support your mind, body, spirit and space

  • Developing your emotional agility skills so you can coach yourself and manage your emotions through the inevitable ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey

Vix Anderton.jpg

I’m guessing that if you got this far, you are a busy entrepreneur who wants more energy, more time and more balance.

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Want to know more about how to work with me and get more energy, more clarity and more confidence? Read all about the FIND YOUR FLOW Programme RIGHT HERE and book a free consultation call to find out if I can help you say goodbye to the overwhelm.

I started my professional life in the Royal Air Force. Yep, you don’t see that every day. I served as an Intelligence Officer for nearly 10 years. Being in the military taught me so much about the value of discipline, structure, and planning - all tools that have helped me and that I now love to share with my clients.

These skills served me well when I left the RAF and moved into the international development sector to work promoting women’s rights around the world. But I also experienced the downsides of having too much of this kind of energy. I pushed myself harder and harder - no matter how much I did, it never felt like it was enough. I kept thinking “if I only do a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more” until one day, I couldn’t do anything. I felt lost, trapped and alone.

I was fortunate to be working with a coach who helped me recognise these signs. I was signed off work by the doctor for a much-needed enforced break. As I slowly started to piece myself back together, I decided that being in full-time employment wasn’t the right answer for me anymore.

I left my job with a vague plan to have a portfolio career of different freelance consultancy projects that would leave me time and energy to write and teach yoga.

And then I found myself on a VC-back incubator programme. It was a wonderful opportunity to create a tech-enabled business from scratch but I saw the same patterns and behaviours that had led me to burnout and that felt so familiar from my RAF days.

It was all about bigger, faster, more. Sleep under your desk. Work 100+ hour weeks. Sacrifice everything just to get to the next milestone and then immediately go again.

It was then I realised that there has to be another way to build businesses. One that values founders as individuals with lives, emotions, aspirations, and dreams. One that allows entrepreneurs to create the success they desire without sacrificing their health, happiness and souls along the way. And so The Practical Balance was born.


I’ve been putting what I have been learning into practice in my own life. Well, trying to at least. I know how hard the entrepreneurial journey can be. And how wonderful it can be when you get it right. I discovered the power of connecting to my own rhythms, vision and values. It’s allowed me to work fewer hours, be more creative and create a life where I’m happy, healthy and successful.


I’ve been studying psychology, philosophy, behavioural science, evolutionary biology, physiology, and yoga for more than 10 years. As an ex-military, yoga-fuelled hippy type, I’ve found myself at the perfect intersection of my skills:

  • I bring all the tools you need to be grounded and centred and build a strong foundation for you and your business.

  • I can help you cultivate the mindset and soul-nourishing practices to bring your purpose to life.

  • I have first-hand experience of being stuck in hustle mode and learning to embrace a new way of being and doing.


I have helped hundreds of people say goodbye to overwhelm and find more energy, clarity and confidence in their lives and businesses.

I want you to

  • Wake up every morning looking forward to the day feeling full of purpose and gratitude

  • Know what you need to do and have the motivation and focus to get it done

  • Enjoy your downtime guilt-free

  • Have more energy for the things that are important to you

I do this work because I know it’s absolutely possible.

I’ve seen it in my life, but I’ve seen it over and over with the beautiful humans I work with.

I want you to know that you MATTER. That your wants and needs matter.

I want you to know that your desires, dreams, thoughts, and opinions are IMPORTANT.

I want you to know that there is no universal criteria that deems you worthy. Who decided you were “not enough”? You did. So, let’s change that.

I want you to know you aren’t alone.

You are unique. But how you feel? Overwhelm? Anxiety? Fear? Guilt? I’ve been there too. I’m often still there - let me tell you, this is a lifelong practice! But it gets easier, I promise you.

I’m not all about work though - obviously!

  • I’m an avid reader...mostly non-fiction these days, although my guilty pleasure reads are the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. I normally read 2-4 books a month and you can see some of my favourite reads here….

  • I recently discovered the power of dance so can now be found at 5 Rhythms, Contact Improv, and Ecstatic dance meetups in London and Ubud (my new second home).

  • I hate having my photo taken and I am eternally grateful to my talented friend, Jess Yau, for taking the shots you see around the website.