The Practical Balance is a platform to help you live with balance and purpose.  Based on the core principles of self-awareness, self-worth and self-leadership, The Practical Balance helps entrepreneurs balance their energies and get in tune with their natural rhythms to create unstoppable success.


Balance is our natural state

Our world and our bodies are naturally balanced.  We see opposite forces acting in rhythm all around us and this rhythm is essential to life.  Day follows night. The tides rise and fall. The cells of all living beings resonate with natural tempos, intricately interrelated with one another and with the external environment.  We flourish in this sense of equilibrium, the balance between challenge and competence, between effort and ease, cultivating a state of being where the body, mind and soul are at peace, neither complacent nor overwhelmed.

Self-awareness is the key to our agency

Knowing yourself is the first step.  Knowing yourself better allows you to make more informed decisions about what you do in life.  Cultivating awareness of your internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions is fundamental to personal growth.  Our ability to take action, our agency, starts with our awareness of what’s happening in our minds, bodies and environments.  Greater awareness gives us greater potential to influence our lives. Knowing what we feel is the first step to knowing why we feel that way and to changing it.

Work well and rest well

It’s time to end the culture of ‘busy’.  We can achieve amazing things without working all the time and, in fact, working longer hours often makes us less productive.  Work and rest are complementary partners not polar opposites. Working well and resting well are both skills to be honed and practised deliberately.  Humans aren’t meant to operate like machines — at high speeds, continuously, for long periods. To thrive, we need a balance of activities - mental, physical, creative, social and spiritual - as well as time for reflection and rest.


Embrace change and challenge

Have a growth mindset.  We can accomplish whatever we want if we commit to our goals, practice deliberately, and use challenges and setbacks as an opportunity to learn.  Change and challenge are a natural part of life and a sign of growth. We can learn to cope with and rise to the challenges, problems and setbacks you meet in the course of our lives, and come back stronger from them.  

Practice emotional agility

Feeling the full range of emotions is essential to being human.  It’s okay to feel upset, sad, or uncomfortable; Disney’s Inside Out was really on to something.  We can observe and approach thoughts, feelings and behaviours with curiosity and compassion to manage your emotions positively.


Dream big, do small

Dream big.  Shoot for the moon, or the stars, or Mars and beyond.  Have a vision for life that excites and even slightly scares you.  Big dreams are made of small steps. You don’t even need to know how to get to that huge goal; you just need to know what the next small action is.  And the next. And the next. It’s a cliche because it’s true but you climb mountains by taking one step at a time. Too often, we limit the size of our ambitions and then overestimate what we can achieve in the short-term.   Setting your sights high, taking small steps, and celebrating the little wins along the way is how we do something extraordinary.

Balance ebbs and flows

This doesn’t have to be hard.  This isn’t another way to be perfect or another thing to achieve.  In fact, it can feel fluent and natural, even as it requires practice and dedication.  We won’t always get it right - we’re human, after all - so treat everything like an experiment.  Learn what works for you at this time of your life. Know that things will change; balance is not rigid or stationary and what balanced looks like for you will change over time.  It’s all about enjoying the journey.

Get social

You are not alone.  We want build a community and to be by your side, to support you through the hard times, to cheer you on, and to celebrate the good times.  Not only is being part of a community a great way to learn, social connectivity is vital to our wellbeing. Nourishing social connections boost our mood, our creativity and our health.

The Power of Community

Here at The Practical Balance, we believe in the power of community. Creating and sustaining a business, career and life you love can be really tough. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire, uplift and support you is crucial.

There is so much we can do on our own. And so much we need to do ourselves. But, in the words of one campaigner, no amount of positive thinking ever turned a set of stairs into a ramp. We want to be here to support you as an individual for you to live your potential so we can come together to take a collective sledgehammer to the systemic barriers that hold so many people back.

We want to shout out some of the amazing communities we're part of...because together, we can achieve impossible things.


NOI Club

The Practical Balance is a proud member of the NOI Club.

NOI is a community to help women thrive...with a balanced mix of great content and tools, accountability, fun activities and serendipity.

Good Zing is a resource for you to find and share all of your top self-care and wellbeing tips for specific everyday issues – from common ailments, emotional issues to bad habits as well as beauty tips.

Good Zing Experts are health, alternative healing, and wellbeing practitioners from a wide range of disciplines whose certifications have been verified by our in-house team to ensure they are who they claim to be and are qualified to share their knowledge and expertise.




Genderbuzz women is a platform to search and support female-led businesses and push for gender parity. We believe in the power of collective wealth building amongst the female community and in the power of collective influencing on issues which we care deeply about. We also believe, that when you surround yourself with like-minded women, you automatically raise your game, and that by listing with us, you’re investing in your own success.