Back to School - Even for Grown Ups

I don’t know about anyone else but I can feel the energy starting to shift. I mean, it is definitely STILL summer. Although with the wind, rain and grey skies over the August Bank Holiday weekend, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s already well into autumn. I walked past a young man today in town carrying a whole stack of new lever-arch files. No doubt getting ready for university. And it is getting to that time of year - the start of the new school year.

Now, I know that this isn’t a thing everywhere. My Australian friends are often a bit baffled by the back to school mood in September in the UK. But I’m feeling it, even without children around. I’ve had a relaxed summer. This period, with all the heat and sunshine, has had a laid-back feel to it. I was out of my depth for the first six months or so of the year - everything I was doing felt outside my comfort zone. And then June came about. Things started picking up in my business and I relaxed into my new, expanding comfort zone.


I needed that break. I learnt so much in that first half of the year. But I for one can’t keep going at that pace and that level of discomfort indefinitely. I believe in the ebb and flow of our energy. And now, after restoring myself and enjoying hanging out a bit, I can feel the energy start to change again.

Partly, this is the move into autumn (and I will write more about that shift in seasonal energy later in September as we approach the autumnal Equinox). Partly, it’s that I’m done chilling out now. It’s funny how, when you do give yourself permission to step back and take time to recharge, your mind and body then let you know when it’s time to go again. I know I often worry that I’m never going to feel motivated again when that energy subsides but it always comes back when you give it time.


For me, this change in energy is showing up in interesting ways. I’m writing again, which I have been struggling to do over the past couple of months. I’m drawn to exploring new things and new places. And I feel bloody restless, despite running more than 120 miles a month (read more about my ridiculous plan to run 1000 miles in 2018).

Plus, there are some exciting opportunities opening for me and The Practical Balance. I'm starting on to the Pathways Programme at The Trampery. The programme is so aligned with my values as an entrepreneur and I’m super-excited about working with the team and a cohort of peers to help me get clear on the next steps for The Practical Balance. Not only that, but The Practical Balance has also been accepted into the Transformative Technology Academy (TTA) - a tribe of global leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs leveraging tech for mental health, wellbeing, and joy. Ever since my time with, I’ve been curious about how I can use tech to support people and create something massively impactful. Combined with Pathways, the TTA is an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about building a tech product, specifically for mental health and wellbeing, and network with like-minded people in this space.

And, if that wasn’t enough - because you know I do not do things by half - I’ve also invested in a business coach and some dedicated support to help me take The Practical Balance to the next level.


Phew! It is going to be a busy few months. So how I am going to manage all that and keep my balance.

  1. Balancing by my body by doing different activities. I have loved dedicating some time and effort to my running goals. After a pretty atrocious June, I needed to catch up if I wanted to hit my 1000 mile target. Now, I’ve done that, I want to get back into a regular yoga practice as well as try new things like boxing and climbing.

  2. Balancing my space by exploring more. I’ve been in my flat for about 2 years now and realised recently that I haven’t explored my local area that much. I’ve also been working from home a lot, which does not make me that productive. So, my plan is to spend one day a week working from a different cafe or space somewhere in walking distance. This also applies to dating. I’ve spent much of the year so far healing from a previous relationship and I’m now ready to invite love back into my life. And that means giving dating some attention and energy. I’m going to try to go on one date a week and see what happens - if you happen to know any eligible bachelors in London, feel free to introduce us!

  3. Balancing my mind and spirit by going with the flow . I’ve been loving paying more attention to my natural energy rhythms, whether that is day-to-day or my menstrual cycle (which I still can’t spell first time). I notice a lot less resistance to how I’m feeling and that’s made me both more relaxed and more productive. So I want to keep that up. That means not over-scheduling myself with all these plans! It’s important to have intentions for the week to create focus but I need to have space and freedom on a day-to-day basis. There’s a happy balance where I have committed daily routines, structured weekly planning and then a healthy dose of flexibility on any given day.

As we all head ‘back to school’, this feels like a period of creativity and new beginnings, even as we will start to see nature preparing for the deep sleep of winter. Ask yourself, what do you want to create over the next few months? Because where your attention goes, the energy flows and results show.

If you need some help getting clear on what you want to create, getting aligned with your natural rhythms, and planning your time to make it all happen, book a free strategy call with me today.