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Debbie riley

Debbie is a geophysicist and the founder of The Good Granola Company, which she runs as a side hustle. She lives near Aberdeen with her husband and one-year old son.

I was feeling completely overwhelmed with lots of new happenings in my life. I had just returned to work after the birth of my son, was moving to a new house and also trying to make time to progress my side business. I have a very supportive family and great friends, but I put a lot of pressure on myself. I constantly felt ridiculously busy but yet felt that I was achieving little and felt frustratingly unclear about my goals and values.

In my ’free’ time (when really I felt like I should be doing something off my to-do list) I would find myself idly browsing online for things that I could use or would help in some way. Luckily, before wasting any more time, I found Vix and The Practical Balance. Her approach really appealed to me and I instantly felt affinity with her. I immediately felt completely at ease and comfortable talking to Vix; she seemed so calm, relaxed and really listened to what I had to say. I found myself opening up without hesitation, something that doesn’t always come naturally to me! Our conversation flowed so easily that I was surprised at how much insight I was gaining at the same time. My fretting feelings subsided and I felt very hopeful for what was to come.

I have gained much more clarity on my priorities and I can now clearly articulate my values and have created actionable statements related to these. All of this has given me much more peace of mind and is instilling a sense of purpose and confidence. Although I am still busy, I feel much more fulfilled and like I have more control over my life and what I choose to do. I am also learning a lot more about myself, what balance means for me and how I go about developing this.

I feel so much more hopeful that I can find a balance that is right for me and enjoy rather than worry about the experience of doing so. Working with Vix has had a massive impact on me and I feel like a stronger person for it. This was brought to light recently when I experienced an unexpected grievance and although it has left me with feelings of extreme sadness, my work with Vix has allowed me to also take a different perspective. I have reignited my belief in intuition and things working out for a reason.

Vix is a fantastic listener and very easy to talk to. I find our sessions so helpful; I get so much insight during the conversation and I find myself reflecting on that in the days after each session. She guides our conversations skilfully - I often find that what I thought I wanted to talk about wasn’t really the crux of the issue after all! Vix always gives a little summary at the end of each coaching session so I’m clear on any action steps we’ve agreed.

Vix has a focussed yet relaxed approach. The sessions feel supportive and personalised and I always come away feeling energised. I’ve learnt so much from the sessions with Vix and they have given me more confidence. Vix is a very effective listener and her suggestions, guidance and visual explanations stay in my mind.
— Tess
Vix is really easy to talk to and an excellent listener; she really heard what I had to say and constructively challenged me. As a result, I have come to understand my negative thinking patterns. Vix helped me identify the triggers for this and also solutions on how to stop it – I have really seen a difference! I have gained so much confidence and self-esteem. I feel I am more reflective, positive and confident.
— Natasha

Mamta gera

Mamta Gera is a Leadership Consultant and the UK Founder of The New Leadership. She lives in London with her partner and intends to travel to one new country every year.

After being in structured employment (9-5) for nearly 20 years, I changed direction and launched a new business in the UK. I was incredibly excited to take this step and journey, but I was finding it hard to structure my days effectively. My work and personal life was merging into one and I wasn’t  able to find a balance which was sustaining my energy to move through such a big change in my life.

The way I approach my tasks and my weeks has completely changed. I now have structure and am able to balance my whole self, so I have enough energy to show up for my own coaching clients.


The weekly planner has been incredibly useful for me. I used to plan my week last minute and now I take my time to ensure the next weeks ahead are also planned out, so I feel like I am in control of what’s happening rather than just reacting to life. The weekly template helps me get clear on my work priorities and think holistically about how to nurture my mind, body, spirit and space. This allowed me to work with my whole self and understand what was important to me during the week.

Vix has also helped me work through some of the anxieties I was feeling about being an entrepreneur. I can now look deeper inwards to understand how I’m feeling and how to work through any negative thinking.

I feel much happier, energised and a lot more enthusiastic! I am in a much more positive and healthy place and am ready to get cracking in my 2nd year of business. As my energy and sense of balance have improved, I now feel fully present in my own client sessions and I feel more confident running my business.

Vix is one of the most inspirational people I’ve had a chance to meet. Her wisdom and constant desire to learn, improve and help others is contagious. Coaching with her for the past few months has been immensely helpful and her advice on various topics will stay with me for life! I’d highly recommend to anyone who needs direction and clarity both in their professional and personal environments. Vix has also given me some great book recommendations which I thoroughly enjoyed
— Natalia
Hyth Atchison

hyth atchison

Hyth is a founder at Younited. He lives in Durham with his young sons and two dogs.

My life was just hectic. I bounced around reacting to things at work and in my personal life. Every day was just fighting fires and I didn't want to carry on like that. I also suffered from low self-esteem and negative thoughts about myself.

I'm now far more proactive about how I approach my days. I make sure I am clear about what I want to achieve from the day, the week, the month - but i'm also more realistic about what I can actually get done. I'm also more aware of the different "roles" I play in my life and I make an effort not to blur those lines.

Thanks to the programme, I am more aware of my emotions - understanding that "negative" emotions are not actually negative, they're difficult, because I need to look deeper at why they are difficult for me. I'm also much more mindful of the time I have with my son. Appreciating it as a gift, rather than just trying to get through the day. Also just being present in the moment and understanding that feelings/emotions will come and go, but I don't have to dwell on them. I just need to appreciate them and understand what is behind them. I am now in love with planning! And I know how to do it properly with specific, achievable tasks/goals that don't seem daunting and I can actually get done, on time (this has helped hugely with my procrastination).

I am much clearer on where the focus of my activity should be this year - and where I can afford to relax a little. Aside from the practical actions, Vix helped me realise where personally I need to make some changes so that my health and career can both flourish this year.
— Katie
I had a great experience with The Practical Balance! It helped me understand where I want to go, and identify some of the roadblocks in my way. I have been feeling really stressed and overwhelmed with work and life, and sitting down to map out some of my goals and priorities with a coach was increidbly enlightening. I was able to work through my personal and professional goals and create a practical plan weekly to get to where I want to be. I really loved it!
— Milena
Vix’s active listening skills, openness and empathetic style make her a brilliant coach and fantastic person to talk to. I started the conversation feeling confused. After, I was left feeling more at peace and with a clearer head. Vix allows you to talk honestly and openly and is greatly equipped in techniques to help you see the bigger picture and manage your thinking.
— Rosie
Vix has an ability to set you at ease while maintaining a clear and unwavering focus on your priorities. Her professionalism, authenticity and genuine care made it easy to establish trust and thereby make some real progress on the important questions I was facing. I had many positive breakthroughs during our sessions and Vix always took the time and interest to support me in between. She is a fantastic coach and wonderful person to have on your side.
— Ambica