Transformational Coaching

A learning adventure into self


ready to be 100% committed to yourself?

Are you’re interested in becoming the best version of yourself? Do you want to release your full potential and bring your dreams to life?

It’s a daring step. You'll be embarking on a journey where your view of yourself will change – for the better. You'll start to remove the wrong beliefs and labels that are standing in the way of your authentic self. And it’s your authentic self that will lead to success in all areas of your life.

I work on the premise that happiness starts from within. I believe you are whole and want to help you to increase your feelings of inner peace and wholeness. I want to help you to understand the dreams you hold dear in your heart and to move towards them. This means aligning your thoughts, emotions and dreams so you function as a whole and aren’t tugging in different directions all the time. When you experience this kind of balance and serenity in your inner world, your outer world soon follows suit.

It’s such a waste of precious life when so many people live their days feeling like they’re just going through the motions. Connect with the satisfaction and pleasure to be had in life everyday and find your motivations, your inspirations and your sense of playfulness and fun.

This type of coaching is a learning adventure rather than a journey to a specific goal.

I was feeling overwhelmed with lots of new happenings in my life. I constantly felt insanely busy but yet felt that I was achieving little and felt frustratingly unclear about my goals and values.

I instantly felt completely at ease and comfortable with Vix and found myself opening up without hesitation, something that doesn’t always come naturally to me!

I have gained much more clarity on my priorities, I can clearly articulate my values and have created actionable statements related to these. All of this has given me much more peace of mind and is instilling a sense of purpose and confidence. Although I am still busy I feel much more fulfilled. I am also learning a lot more about myself, what balance means for me and how I go about developing this.
— Debbie
Vix’s active listening skills, openness and empathetic style make her a brilliant coach and fantastic person to talk to. I started the conversation feeling confused. After, I was left feeling more at peace and with a clearer head. Vix allows you to talk honestly and openly and is greatly equipped in techniques to help you see the bigger picture and manage your thinking.
— Rosie