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Seesaws with Noi Club

What does balance really mean? Is it something we need to achieve, strive for...or is it already there, within us, hidden and waiting to be found?

Human beings aren’t meant to operate like machines, at high speeds, continuously. We have natural rhythms that influence our energy throughout the day and throughout the year. Thriving can often mean small, intentional changes to your mindset, motivation, and habits.

Join us to learn how to manage your energy and emotions in line with your natural rhythms and your values and cultivate the sense of purpose and autonomy you need to thrive!


NOI means "we" in Italian.

We are women who are on a journey to personal and professional happiness.

We feel the need to be supported and support.

We care about each other and share the tools and expertise we have to champion each member of our community.

Whatever your project is, we are here for you!