How Hon. Pauline Truong Went From a Refugee Camp to the Portrait Gallery: Success, Resilience and Travels

Hon. Pauline Truong is a woman of many talents and many interests - a true multi-potentialite!

What is your secret to success?

‘Success’ means different things to different people. For me, it’s having quality of life, options, family, balance, adventure and happiness. I have been a globetrotter since Law School and love enjoying my life around the globe!

What challenges did you face in reaching your goals?

My experience as a former refugee from Vietnam, minority female lawyer and GlobePreneur was challenging. I recall that we didn’t have proper housing, restrooms and food at the refugee camps in Malaysia. As a minority woman lawyer and entrepreneur, life is full of surprises!

These attributes helped me to draft legislation and amendments and advocate for change to ensure that laws, regulations, legal systems and processes are fair and inclusive, in many different countries. It also gave me the strength to provide access to international law and global entrepreneurship.

How did you overcome these challenges?

The journey of life is full of uncertain, fun and exciting adventures. As pilots, we can choose to be open-minded, grateful and enjoy the ride no matter what happens. We should not be afraid to dream big or fail. Making mistakes and failing forward are great learning experiences. They push us to be better, think more creatively and take pro-active action.

I also have a great team of advisers who are great at looking after my best interests. My law training and practice also enables me to pursue actions where there is a miscarriage of justice.

What trends are you seeing in the business today? Isn’t it now, more than ever, important to include the human element?

The digital arena is quite exciting! We can travel, work and do many things at the same time! Technological advances have automated many processes and procedures. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transcending many fields, such as law, medicine, science, business etc. While they may create a positive impact in relation to costs, quality and delivery, AI’s (and technology’s) disruptive impact will probably not replace many processes, such as regulation, policy, law reform, networking etc. too soon. Hence, it is still extremely important to include the human element in business, innovation, investments and relationships.

What are your favorite travel moments? How has traveling impacted your work?

There are so many favorite travel moments in my amazing journey so far. Some include the grand arrival into Venice, helicopter view of the Grand Canyon, airplane view of Mt Fuji, sailing to exotic islands, visiting amazing Long Neck and Big Ear Villages….just to name a few. It’s been an awesome journey meeting, dining and enjoying life with incredible people around the globe. These special moments make the journey immensely fun and meaningful!

The digital era has enabled many people to work and travel (for the most part). We foresaw this trend many years ago. So we created business models that would enable us to work, travel, and enjoy life and the same time. With an amazing team, anything is possible!

What is your advice for people who want to be entrepreneurs?

My advice for potential entrepreneurs is to find your niche, work smart, choose well and enjoy the journey.

Entrepreneurship involves lots of risks, setbacks and comebacks. This makes us thrive and strive harder to achieve our goals. It helps build our resilience. Some people love the adrenaline and less predictable life. Most founders have an incredible story and they inspire people, like myself, to do better. The joys of entrepreneurship…it’s part of this amazing journey.

Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Ultimately if people are passionate about making a difference, they will persevere. They need to believe in themselves and their team.

What is your advice for young women on how to have a balanced lifestyle?

To have a balanced lifestyle, my suggestion is that you follow your passion, be selective with the right opportunities, choose great people and teams, and enjoy yourself to the fullest around the globe!


A Hall of Fame, Portrait Gallery, Trailblazing Women & Law, Woman of Influence, Millennium Global Woman of Honor and Honorable Order recipient, White House VIP Hon. Pauline Truong, an ex-refugee, has had many years of experience as an international lawyer, GlobePreneur, Founder, investor, advisor and writer, with a track record of awards, in many countries. She is featured on major mainstream media and cover stories globally and is a frequent guest lecturer and Keynote speaker at international universities and other professional events worldwide.