Personalised Plans

Tailored support for a more balanced life


Tired of being tired?

Then get ready to kick-start your new life with a personalised balance plan.

You'll learn about your energy needs, identify areas of imbalance in your life, and receive a detailed personalised plan full of practical techniques to help you say hello to a more balanced life. Your plan comes full of tailored information, practical techniques, activities, checklists, and planners.

Each plan is developed based on your individual assessment and takes approximately 7-10 days to create. 

I am so incredibly grateful to Vix for the personalised balance plan she prepared for me. Her intuitive approach has given me real insight into which areas of my life need more focus, attention and care in order to help me perform at my best. I feel that I am armed with tangible and realistic positive steps that I can take towards creating better habits in these areas. Also, it is great encouragement to keep going with those that are serving me well. I find Vix’s naturally encouraging, positive and supportive style incredibly energising, leaving me excited and inspired to begin a more balanced lifestyle.

how it works

Once we’ve received your order, we’ll email you a link to our assessment tool. Many of our clients have said even completing the assessment has helped that become more aware of the habits that are no longer serving them. If you’ve opted for the VIP upgrade, we’ll also arrange a time for your free initial consultation.

Once we’ve received your assessment, we’ll build your personalised plan based on your assessment results. We take the time to study your responses and tailor your plan for your needs.

I really felt like Vix understood me and I was a little freaked out how much she appeared to have looked into my soul and understood what motivates and scares me.

debbie’s story

Debbie is a geophysicist and the founder of The Good Granola Company, which she runs as a side hustle. She lives near Aberdeen with her husband and one-year old son.

I used to feel constantly busy. I would stress over my never ending to-do list, but even when I managed to tick off a few items, I never felt the satisfaction of completion. This feeling had only intensified after I returned to work after maternity leave. I really struggled to prioritise tasks and do what was most important to me rather than what was easy. I’m usually an energetic person and I wanted to be able to direct my energy in the most productive way. I knew this involved being more mindful of experiences and relaxing in a way to recharge my batteries, but didn’t really know how to go about doing this.


The intuitive approach of my personalised plan has given me real insight into which areas of my life need more focus, attention and care in order to help me perform at my best. I feel that I am armed with tangible and realistic positive steps that I can take towards creating better habits in these areas.

My personal plan had lots of content, tools and practices, so I felt I control and choice about the changes I wanted to make. I’ve adopted an experimental approach and have explored things I wouldn’t have tried before; I have discovered a love for yoga, which has been transformational for me. Slowing down and taking time for reflection and self-assessment wasn’t really part of my life before but I love journaling now and use the breathing exercises throughout the day. I’m more mindful of family time in general and when doing the activities that I love. I am more purposeful in the tasks I choose to complete and keep the end goal in mind.

I feel much more relaxed and in control and am enjoying having a comfortable structure to work from.

I love having the written plan since it means I can go back and remind myself what I need to focus on and what’s important to me in order to bring a sense of balance in my life
Personalised Practical Balance Plan
from 99.00

Your plan includes:

  • a look at Where You Are Right Now

  • actionable and immediately implentable advice and techniques for the main areas you are lacking balance

  • planners and tools based on your needs

  • a personal action plan summary to help you get clear on the changes you want to make

what it costs

The standard plan costs £99.

upgrade your plan

Many of us struggle to follow through on new habits and having some support and accountability can help you make the most of all the advice and tools you will receive in your plan. Included in your VIP upgrade is:

  • a free telephone consultation so we can get to know you even better

  • your personalised plan, with Where You Are Now, tools, templates, advice, and your action summary

  • 4 weeks of support with your new habits personally from Vix via email, Whatsapp or over the phone (worth £300)

This VIP options costs £298.

Personalised Plan:
My plan has helped me regain better control of my daily routine from both a mental aspect and a physical aspect. It provides valuable tips and resources that are often unexplored, and that are simple yet powerful.