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Welcome to the resources library.  Everything here is free for you to download and use.  We will keep adding new content so remember to keep checking back for useful planners, templates and exercises.

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Embracing the power of 'how' can improve the quality of your life, your sense of satisfaction, and your wellbeing.

When we focus on the feelings behind our goals, we let go of the outcome, which we can’t control anyway, and open up different possibilities of what that outcome looks like. We stop thinking that our happiness is something that is contingent on us achieving something or getting something in the future, and start bringing those feelings into our lives right now..

This step-by-step process will help you identify your core desires and set goals with heart.


Plan your week with ease

Our weekly planning template will help you get clear on your priorities for the week and make time for the things that are important to you.

90-Day Goal Setting and Action Planning

A step-by-step process based on military planning techniques to get you into action.


Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a way to see what balance looks like in your life.  It's a representation of the whole of life, which can help you take stock of where you feel satisfied.

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Uncovering your values

This workbook will help you understand your Values.  Get clear on what’s not working in your life, so that you can create guideposts for your future decisions, and end up somewhere better aligned with who you are.


Daily check-in template

Taking time out is a great way to tap into your inner voice but it’s not the only way.  This super simple tool will get you checking in with yourself every day and to learn to pay attention to what’s going on for you.


creating a morning ritual

You can’t control how the rest of the day goes but you can control how you start it.

This morning ritual is designed to

  • prepare you for rest of the day

  • incorporate your values

  • make you happy

  • or any combination of the above.


write to yourself

Writing a letter to yourself is an incredible way to tap into your inner wisdom. It reminds us that we DO know how we want to live, we DO know how we want to show up, and we DO know what really matters to us.


sleep journal

Sleep is essential to our wellbeing and performance.  We've shared our key tips to getting the quantity and quality of sleep you need on our blog.  You can use this journal to help monitor your sleep.


Budgeting Template

Dealing with your finances isn't always fun but managing your money is important to give yourself options and to support the life you want to live.  


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Journaling regularly is shown to improve memory and concentration, help us achieve goals, self-reflect, reduce stress, and boost creativity.

But it can be hard to know how to start.

Our collection of 30 days of journal prompts is the perfect tool to help you get started. Our prompts are designed to help you get in touch with the things that are important to you and to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Plus, the calendar format allows to you to mark off each day - a technique to help build a new habit.


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