Get a Boost to Your Balance

a 90-minute high impact session


need help planning your week? or want to recharge your mornings?

Our 90-minute Boost sessions can be used to work on whatever is holding you back right now.  They're a great way of creating change in your life quickly.  Before the session, which will happen over Skype, we will agree exactly what you want to achieve in the session to make sure you get the most out of our time together.

Jump on a free call with me to kickstart your energy and blossom this Summer.

Vix’s active listening skills, openness and empathetic style make her a brilliant coach and fantastic person to talk to. I started the conversation feeling confused. After, I was left feeling more at peace and with a clearer head. Vix allows you to talk honestly and openly and is greatly equipped in techniques to help you see the bigger picture and manage your thinking.
— Rosie


a four-hour session to get your balance back


Tired of being tired?

Then get ready to kick-start your new life!

Our four-hour breakthrough sessions will help you overhaul your life and get your balance back quickly.  We'll meet at a central London location and get straight to work.  Over the next four hours, you'll get:

  • a set of intentions based on your core values for each area of your life so you can stay true to what's important to you
  • clarity on your goals and the steps to reach them
  • customised weekly planning templates to make the most of your energy
  • simple daily rituals tailored for your life to help you get the most of every day

Want to make the day a little more luxurious?  We can arrange spa treatments before or after your session with one of our partners for you too!

I had a great session with The Practical Balance! It helped me understand where I want to go, and identify some of the roadblocks in my way. I have been feeling really stressed and overwhelmed with work and life, and sitting down to map out some of my goals and priorities with a coach was increidbly enlightening. I was able to work through my personal and professional goals and create a practical plan weekly to get to where I want to be. I really loved it! 5 stars.
— Milena

Get Immersive Balance

Retreats and workshops to go deeper


Our workshops and retreats are designed to give you time and space to explore how you can get more balance in your life.  We bring together coaching, daily activities, nourishing food, and great company to get you back into balance.  You'll leave feeling grounded, refreshed and energised - ready to take on the world!

I loved Vix’s energy as a speaker. She has a very peaceful quality about her and that really set a nice atmosphere for the event.
— Charlotte
Vix recently ran a workshop as part of mental health awareness week for us. The workshop was full of not only inspiring takeaways and practical exercises on hacking your energy but fully grounded in research. Her professionalism really shone through the workshop and we received great feedback from the participants.
— Sam

Get Your Balance Programmes

create sustainable change in your life through regular sessionS


personalised and tailored support

Over six 1-2-1 sessions, we'll help you get clear on what's important to you, where to take action, and how to restore and nourish your energy. 

By the end of the programme, you will have:

  • a set of intentions based on your core values for each area of your life so you can stay true to what's important to you
  • clarity on your goals and the steps to reach them
  • customised weekly planning templates to make the most of your energy
  • simple daily rituals tailored for your life to help you get the most of every day

Stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  Start spending your time and energy on the things that really matter to you and create a life you love right now.

Vix has an ability to set you at ease while maintaining a clear and unwavering focus on your priorities. Her professionalism, authenticity and genuine care made it easy to establish trust and thereby make some real progress on the important questions I was facing. I had many positive breakthroughs during our sessions and Vix always took the time and interest to support me in between. She is a fantastic coach and wonderful person to have on your side.
— Ambica
Vix has a wonderful warmth and incredible personal style about her, it often feels as though I am speaking with an old (but impartial) friend. Her intuition is exceptionally accurate. Vix makes great use of each session employing a varied set of tools and approaches, and incorporating a healthy dose of much needed perspective when required. I have left every session feeling motivated, supported and genuinely excited about my future.
— Alex

group support

Don't want to go it alone?  On our group programmes, you'll uncover your core values, set great goals and break them down into manageable steps.  You'll learn how to plan your week in line with your rhythms and develop simple daily rituals to manage your energy. 

Working with others can spark a firestorm of creativity.   You'll join forces with people on a similar path, all working toward a common goal, sharing ideas, insights and feedback with each other.  The group will provide you additional support, accountability and community.  The more people we have in our corner, the better, especially when it comes to reaching goals, striving toward our potential, or making a change to increase our life fulfilment.

Our next group programme will be opening later in 2018.


Self-study programme

Sometimes, you just want to learn at your own pace.  Our online course lets you learn at a time and tempo to suit you.  All the material is broken down into bite-size chunks so you can start putting theory into action right away.  

But don't worry - you won't be alone!  You'll get access to our exclusive Facebook group full of like-minded people all learning alongside you.  Think accountability, support, and ideas, all in one easy place!  You'll also have email support from our coaches whenever you need. Plus, you'll get a special discount for our Boost sessions, if you want to go deeper on a topic.


Our self-study programme will be launching in 2018.

Vix is really easy to talk to and an excellent listener; she really heard what I had to say and constructively challenged me. As a result, I have come to understand my negative thinking patterns. Vix helped me identify the triggers for this and also solutions on how to stop it – I have really seen a difference! I have gained so much confidence and self-esteem. I feel I am more reflective, positive and confident.
— Natasha