Supporting High Performance Teams

practical, engaging workshops


Our workshops and retreats are designed to give you time and space to explore how you can get more balance in your life.  We bring together practical advice grounded in the latest research with tools and exercises you can take away to get you back into balance.  You'll leave feeling grounded, refreshed and energised - ready to take on the world!

We always tailor our workshops to suit you but here are a few of the topics we deliver:

  • Cultivating Creativity

  • Hacking Your Energy: Working with our Natural Rhythms

  • Welldoing: The Art and Science of Happy Hustling

  • Developing Resilience: Armour for Adversity

  • Mindful Productivity: A Practical Guide for Well-Doing

  • Reflect and Refocus

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • The Art of Conversation: Improving Communication Skills

  • Building Mindful Teams

I loved Vix’s energy as a speaker. She has a very peaceful quality about her and that really set a nice atmosphere for the event.
— Charlotte
I attended a recent Instant Pause hosted by Vix. She has an incredible ability to create a safe and honest space for us to explore and review the past 12 months and think about the future. It was really powerful to take a whole day out just to think about my wishes, desires and achievements and with Vix’s encouragement to channel that into a positive forward energy.
— Steph
What an insightful workshop! Vix came in to do a full day with my accelerator programme and it was one of the most beneficial sessions yet. I left with a clear sense of direction and some great tools that I can not wait to put into practise!
— Rebecca
There are seminal points in your life when someone says something which resonates and which gives you the AH HA moment! During an hour workshop i had several of those moments. Simple yet practical advice to help you realign.
Vix recently ran a workshop as part of mental health awareness week for us. The workshop was full of not only inspiring takeaways and practical exercises on hacking your energy but fully grounded in research. Her professionalism really shone through the workshop and we received great feedback from the participants.
— Sam Edgar, HSBC Digital
Vix ran an outstanding workshop as part of our Innovation Award Incubator here at Teach First. Our entrepreneurs benefitted from her expertise, tips and practical approach to being able to find balance during very stressful and busy periods
— Hannah Jackson, Incubation at Teach First